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Property Integrated & Tracking Application (PITA)

PITA is a sophisticated self owned property management system for both commercial and residential premises, including maintenance, service contracts, inventory, rental management, invoicing and accounts postings, all through a single portal. All information can be viewed online, printed in a large variety of reports or shown in graphs. The software is offered through a web-based or on premise deployment.

  • Multi property management
  • Rent roll / Invoice generation
  • Rental collection and management
  • Tracking of due rentals
  • Online payments using payment gateways
  • Managing Access Control and e-IDENTITY for Residents
  • Service maintenance and staff assignments
  • Visualization of property with unit occupancy details and lease contracts expiration
  • Customizable financial reports
  • Task assignments internally based on designation and externally to sub-contractors
  • Vendor contracts management and efficiency tracking
  • Asset Movement and tracking their limited life with alerts

Meets and exceeds RERA requirements

Home Owner Management System (HOMS)

HOMS is A digital transformation for total management of ‘Home-Owners Associations’, which meets and exceeds Bahrain’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

  • Multi property management for central Home Owners Associations (HOA) and Sub-HOAs
  • Fully automated invitations and management of Extra Ordinary (EGM), Ordinary General Meetings (OGM), Board and Management normal and/or virtual meetings including minutes and actions assignment
  • Bulk Invoice generation for quick dispatchment
  • Fee collection, tracking and alerting of due service charges
  • e-IDENTITY and managing Access Control using present infrastructure
  • Assign services and maintenance to specialized staff including third party
  • Full functionalities for providing Facility Management (FM) and control
  • Car registrar and violation logs for/of residents
  • Customizable financial reports
  • Vendor contracts management and efficiency tracking
  • Quotations and bids assessments and asset management
  • Provide Point of sale (POS) feature for on spot collection of service charges and online payments.
  • Provide Internet Of Things (IOT) such as video monitoring, access control, etc…

Meets and exceeds RERA requirements


The facility management(FM) provides comprehensive solutions for property managers.

  • Easy Customer contract creation
  • Add Multiple branches/Asset based on requirement
  • Bulk Invoice generation for quick dispatch
  • Fee collection, tracking and alerting of due service charges
  • Assign services and maintenance to specialized staff including third party
  • Full functionalities for providing Facility Management (FM) and control
  • Customizable financial reports
  • Vendor contracts management and efficiency tracking
  • Quotations and bids assessments and asset management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System (TRAC ERP)

Our ERP System integrates various applications relating to accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, fixed asset, cost centers, Human Resources and others, under one suite of modules.

  • Purchase & Sales Management
  • Account Receivables & payables
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset
  • Cost Centers
  • Banking and Ledger account
  • Credit / Debit Notes
  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Management
  • Human resource and Employee Management
  • Customized Reporting based on various requirements

In full compliance with financial and accounting Standards

Human Resources Management (HRM)

HMR is highly regarded for its extensive features encompassing manpower information & processing, financial parameters and administration. HRM is an employee-centric software that provides immense and wide variety of features in the areas of Personnel Management and Payroll as well as time & labor services, all integrated into one smart administrative system. It increases the efficiency within the organization by properly handling HR processes for salaried employees from their date of joining through retirement.

  • Payroll – Ability to automatically calculate all staff expenses
  • Shift planning and time management including normal overtime and special overtime factors
  • Leave request and Approvals
  • Loan Request and Approvals
  • Defines department, designations, grade setup etc
  • Defines loan types, nationalities, document type and languages known etc
  • Defines public holidays, weekly off, sick leaves, annual leave, maternity leave etc
  • Defines allowances with GL accounts details based on grade setup

In full compliance with Bahrain’s labor law

Crewing & Ops Management System (COMS)

COMS is a web-based, state-of-the-art, user-friendly integrated corporate resources and flight operations management system, for network scheduling, aircraft crew pairing, crew rostering, crew tracking and ground operations. It is a single stop shop for flight operations which is designed to meet the regulatory requirements imposed by EASA, FAA, other regulatory authorities and operators’ soft rules, through the management of rules and procedures from the very beginning till the end. COMS provides the means to monitor, track and update all aircraft scheduling, crew resources, crew qualification and various operational matters that are imperative to keeping flight operations compliant with all safety and regulatory requirements. COMS provides the planning tool to prepare budget, track cost, forecast revenue and reconcile account, in addition to highlighting the financial health of the business through an Executive dashboard. It also offers multiple modules under a single suite through common System Security, which allows for efficient handling of various flight operations phases, for any airline environment regardless of the size and business model. These modules are:

  • Executive Dash board
  • Network Scheduling
  • Manpower Planning & Establishment
  • Crew auto and/or manual Pairing, Rostering and Tracking
  • IOCC / Ground Operations
The main features, per module, catered to support any scheduling, crewing and ground operations are:
  • Executive Dash board module measures and demonstrates progress with important KPIs.
  • Network Scheduling module enables network schedule management and schedule exchanges with third party products.
  • Crew Pairing, Rostering and Tracking module generates auto and/or manual rosters in full compliance with controlling regulations and company requirements. It incorporates manpower planning to generate cost effective solutions.
  • IOCC / Ground Operations module tracks aircraft movement and monitor OTP on real time basis.
  • Finance/Executive Dashboard module provides planning tool to prepare budget, track cost, forecast revenue and reconcile account. Executive dashboard provides financial health of business with graphical presentation.
Technical Access Management System (TAMS)

TAMS is a state-of-the-art web-based user-friendly Engineering and Maintenance Planning and Tracking software, which is designed to meet the regulatory requirements of EASA, FAA, and others, for Continued Airworthiness Management of all types of airlines Operations. TAM provides the means to monitor, track and update all engineering and maintenance operations required to keep the fleet airworthy and under safe conditions:

  • Aircraft Flying/Cycle Hours
  • Aircraft Definition
  • Maintenance Program
  • Modifications
  • Reliability monitoring
  • Inventory Management and Control


  • Hands-on experience
  • Excellent training & consultancy tool
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Improve process
  • Reduce costs
  • Exact services with the specific aims of fulfilling all of your aviation safety requirements
Flight Safety Integrated Documentation System (SIDS)

SIDS is a web-based, user-friendly flight safety documentation system designed and supported by Proxi eSolution to meet the Airline Industry’s dynamic and pressing needs. It is fully compliant with existing and planned regulatory requirements, including the ISO 9001:2015, requirements for documentation, ICAO Annex 19, IOSA ISM Ed.8 and the various National Aviation Authorities and engineering documentation requirements. SIDS is accessible from mobile devices and is compatible with IE, Chrome, and Firefox. It has flexible hosting options and does not require local installation. SIDS is a unique solution that combines four different processes:

  • Creation of internal documentation
  • Importing of external documentation
  • Management of company documentation
  • Creation, storage and retrieval of Records

The basic tasks performed by SIDS, to support the business needs, are:

  • Organization of data (per its time sensitivity)
  • Validation of data
  • Quick deployment for end-users
  • Consistency of data used throughout the organization
  • Standardization of all documentation
  • Amending both internal and external documentation
  • Automated processes for the development of new documentation
  • Pre-defined or tailored review of existing documentation
  • Unified communication of documentation